Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carpet And Upholstery Need Utmost Care

Let?s face it, many homes in the U.S. utilize carpets and a wide variety of upholstery materials. Carpets are great to look at and very comfortable to the feet while upholstery materials used in some furniture can be very sensitive to harmful elements. This is the reason why both need the proper care and maintenance for you to enjoy their benefits for many years.

Here in Atlanta, maintenance of carpets and upholstery can be done by specialist companies. These firms may specialize only in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or restoring water damaged homes or in all three. It is best, sometimes, to get professional help in carpet and upholstery cleaning to make sure that every dust, dirt and harmful chemicals are removed.

An understanding of the different cleaning methods is vital in extending the life of your carpets and upholstery especially in Atlanta homes that have been water-damaged. It is important to note, though, that each method has its pros ! and cons and that there is no such thing as a standard method. Keep in mind too that no method is better than the other because each can give good results when performed under the proper conditions.

How often you should clean carpets and upholstery depends largely on several factors such as their use and soil conditions, constructional specifications, type of fiber, color and the like. But generally, carpet and upholstery cleaning should be done at least within a year or a year and a half of use. Vacuuming has been the most common way of cleaning but in the long run, this may not be enough.

In getting professional cleaning service in Atlanta, make sure that the company you hire is affiliated with professional organizations. Get referrals or ask references about their experience with a particular firm. You can also check your local business bureau to get information on how well a company responded to problems or complaints. Never be misled by ads promoting se! rvices that offer very low rates. Remember that quality work a! lways co mes with a price so you shouldn?t scrimp on your carpet or upholstery?s maintenance if you want to keep them for long.

The two most basic cleaning methods are the hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning and the dry cleaning. In steam cleaning, a hot water solution is sprayed on the carpet and then extracted using a wet vacuum. The extraction is done through the use of an equipment that is either portable or mounted on a truck.

In dry cleaning, meanwhile, chemical solutions are used to get rid of dirt. Basically, there are three types ? dry foam, dry chemical and dry compound. Dry foam utilizes a shampoo which is allowed to dry and then vacuumed. Dry chemical uses a solution and a machine that spins a big bonnet to absorb dirt. Dry compound makes use of an absorbent mixture that looks like wet sawdust with a machine brushing it into the carpet to absorb dirt. When dried, it is then vacuumed out.

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