Monday, March 10, 2008

What Homebased Business is the right buisness for me or any marketing business.......

Well what can I say I hate scam artist!! I hate people who lie. I'm a out going person who has been in the marketing business for a long time. I was a top leader for a company called D.M.E if you don't know what it means. Direct Marketing Enterprizes. It is a business that go's business to business and directly talks to people and sales products. It was hard work. I was BANKING or should I say they where banking off me!!!! Now I'm in a team effort program, and I make all the money!!!!!! as you would say What do you mean all the money? Thats right I make all the money. Here I was busting my but for D.M.E and who was getting all the money they where. I was makeing $50 to $60 a day while they where makeing $500 to $600!!! and I did all the work yea I got a plac at a convention and they promised me everything for all my hard work jajaja thats really funny people!!! I am very happy where I am know and all I did was watch this video and I was sold never again will I work ! for someone. I was on the fence and they helped me jump off! I am serious if your on the fence right know you need to jump off and get the link as fast as you can and sign up! you will not regret it! and bye the way this is a true story.

Thats me thats what I have to say about chooseing the right company. Yea and its true you gots to be aware of the fluff system. They are pretty sneaky! they all have a good sales picth and good comp plans. But like I said They will never teach you the right way! They will never have the training and support like this! see this video. Tell me what you think.
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