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What Homebased Business is the right buisness for me or any marketing business.......

Well what can I say I hate scam artist!! I hate people who lie. I'm a out going person who has been in the marketing business for a long time. I was a top leader for a company called D.M.E if you don't know what it means. Direct Marketing Enterprizes. It is a business that go's business to business and directly talks to people and sales products. It was hard work. I was BANKING or should I say they where banking off me!!!! Now I'm in a team effort program, and I make all the money!!!!!! as you would say What do you mean all the money? Thats right I make all the money. Here I was busting my but for D.M.E and who was getting all the money they where. I was makeing $50 to $60 a day while they where makeing $500 to $600!!! and I did all the work yea I got a plac at a convention and they promised me everything for all my hard work jajaja thats really funny people!!! I am very happy where I am know and all I did was watch this video and I was sold never again will I work ! for someone. I was on the fence and they helped me jump off! I am serious if your on the fence right know you need to jump off and get the link as fast as you can and sign up! you will not regret it! and bye the way this is a true story.

Thats me thats what I have to say about chooseing the right company. Yea and its true you gots to be aware of the fluff system. They are pretty sneaky! they all have a good sales picth and good comp plans. But like I said They will never teach you the right way! They will never have the training and support like this! see this video. Tell me what you think.
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Do you want the breakthrough secrets on first year network marketing?

Many people the world over are looking to start their own
business, your first year in network marketing can be a rough
time if you are not sure of what can happen. People are tired
of working in a dead-end job and want something new in life. The
challenges that come up can be easily overcome though. Lets
discuss ways to overcome the obstacles for your first year in
network marketing.

Most of the people who start a new business online are not
completely prepared for what they need to do. A little research
into the types of software and online resources needed can make
your first year in network marketing a success. It is possible
that for a very low investment, that you can advertise

One mistake that many new marketers face is the abundance of
fancy "We will send out 1,000,000 emails for you" websites that
are on the net. Most do not want to fall into this trap and get
marked as a spammer, seeing! as how many of these resources can
get your URL on a banned list quickly.

Another fear for your first year in network marketing is the
fear of rejection from face to face selling. This fear need not
be overwhelming because there are some wonderful ways to market
your business online and have people breaking down your door to
join with you.

These are a few of the things that a new marketer can face that
can be overcome through proper research and a solid system.
There are many more ways to overcome first year adversity. Your
first year in network marketing can be a major success if you
just put a little bit of effort into checking out online sources
instead of bugging friends and family all the time.
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A Home-Based Business Isnât A Play Thing

Are you at your wits end with the whole work from home search approach? Are you frustrated with finding a source of revenue that you can earn from home? Read on for some ideas how to get started.

Most work at home opportunities just seem involve taking your money but not helping you earn it. I am dismayed at the total amount of agendas that have poor work/business models, old information, broken links on their pages, very little or no customer support and little or no chance to ever earn money working online.

Creating an online business website is the perfect remedy for stay at home moms or dads, students, pre-retirees or the recently retired or anyone else interested in continuing work from home.

Almost 89 percent of all home based businesses turn out to be unsuccessful within the first month. That number is astounding and should be a warning to you if you are planning on setting up a work at home business. This is a business and not something! you can ?play around? with now and then. You must plan on devoting a sufficient amount of time regularly to learning, planning and working at your home-based business if you want to succeed.

You don?t want to begin your own home business and bound into the affiliate marketing arena without a reliable step-by-step blueprint, produced and drafted by someone who utilizes these very same steps every day to earn an income. You need the guidance of a professional who has already helped others, just like you, who are seeing their dreams of financial security, working from the comfort of their own homes, becoming a reality.

All time outrageously high gas prices, the long travel time to the office, the high costs of babysitters, fitting a work schedule into your school schedule or preparing for retirement are plenty of motives to find a workable at home business. The most thought provoking part is finding the right home business opening for you that is legitimate, pro! fitable, has a great support system in place and enjoys a well! deserve d reputation.

Affiliate marketing and article marketing are the simplest courses to follow to procuring an on-line income for both the beginner and the experienced webster.

There are numerous programs in almost as many fields that you can join for free. There should never be any advance charges for any of these affiliate programs. You choose what you?re interested in and the commission rate you want. The way you advertise or sell these programs is up to you from no cost except your time and on up to whatever you can afford. The exception would be programs that offer a website plus support and guidance while learning to promote the product or yourself.

If you want to own your own business, have flexible hours, begin saving for retirement, spend more time with your family, enjoy your Golden Years, earn some extra cash to cover college expenses and just never worry about financial problems again, then the links below can be the answer you?ve been looking ! for.

There is not a better time than NOW to begin your work at home career. Base your work at home decision on facts, not hype. Start your own Internet business and make the money you want working part or full time from your home.


Stephanie Walls has published articles about the Web, Internet Marketing and business. She understands the questions you have about starting a business or setting up a website. Visit the following sites to learn about the expert solutions she has uncovered to help you solve these problems.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MLM Leadership -Why Your Upline Will Always Fail You No Matter What.

Success in your MLM career initially depends on your sponsor and the quality of leaders in your MLM organization. But the reality is leaders bury their new distributors even before the business failure can kill them.

Now this is a shocking statement to make but the quality of leadership in the network marketing industry is extremely poor. The industry which is touted as the future of enterprise ? and I fully subscribe to this view ? accounts for 99 % failures among all new entrants. This kind of failure rate is not conducive to the growth of the industry. For such high failure rates, the leaderships in MLM hold the main responsibility.

Let's take a look and see how your leadership is failing you in this business.

Leadership Failure #1 - Playing the Numbers Game

The moment you are recruited into a network marketing opportunity, you are asked to create your list, list of warm circles and all the other people you know. The leaders insist tha! t you to speak to everybody with a view to recruit them into business. Many get recruited just because they cannot refuse you, but never put enough time or effort into the business.

Every person you recruit is part of your business team. Would you recruit an employee in the same manner if you are in any other business? Would you choose anyone as your business partner just because they said yes? Or would you apply certain standards, assess their interest levels and their ability to contribute effectively to your business.

Leadership Failure #2 - Dumping Stocks

Most leaders are under pressure to achieve certain business volumes to sustain their own monthly incomes. In the guise of helping their distributors achieve higher positions they motivate them to invest on stocks to attain higher commission levels or positions in the hierarchy. Most distributors are unable to sell off the stocks as they lack the direct selling skill. Leaders blame the new distribut! or as not putting enough efforts and move on to another distri! butor.
The process gets repeated. Most distributors fail or hang on in the hope of making good their losses and keep losing more money. Leaders often justify their actions by showing the rare success as an example to all other distributors. This further plays havoc with the self esteem and morale of distributor accelerating their failure.

Leadership Failure #3 - Not Focusing on Training

Most leaders call some motivational pep talk and fiery raves as training. The quality and ability of the leaders to train their down lines in the skills necessary to succeed is questionable. The leaders themselves more often than not have become leaders due to chance heavy hitter in their team and collective volumes of their down lines. They lack the cutting edge leadership abilities to groom more leaders. The ability to inspire, facilitate and show how to achieve success is sadly lacking. They hide behind clichéd and oft repeated MLM jargons.

Leadership failure #4 - Not A! llowing Originality and Dissent

Any creativity, originality and innovation is struck down in the name of systems which mostly favor the company or the top leadership. Dissent is viewed as disloyalty. Questioning the marketing plan is tantamount to revolution and you may be put down with a heavy hand. More often than not the leaders are insecure and are jealous of rising stars in their teams who take the spotlight away from them.

Leadership Failure #5 - Being Elitist

Leaders are treated as god themselves. MLM organizations too support this kind of behavior with special front row seating based on hierarchy. Lowly Distributors are not allowed to occupy front rows. Many Leaders also make it a point to arrive late not respecting the time of other distributors. Organizations too try to create a super star aura around the leaders. Distributors are made to rush to their leaders with autograph books and requesting photo opportunities. Some organizations have eve! n qualifications (dump more stocks) for photo opportunities an! d specia l dinners with leaders where non qualifiers are not allowed creating a major divide between the leadership and distributors.

Final Views

The leadership must look down and distributor must stop looking up except when they require the genuine guidance of true leaders. In this business the leaders require the down lines more than the down line requiring the leader. It is an independent business where you are the boss. The hierarchical leader can be dispensed with if he does not add value to your own growth.

The network marketing/MLM industry must learn to create true leaders who can inspire with their vision, coach, and mentor to make sure of 99 % success rather than 99 % failures. The leadership must take the responsibility for such huge failure rates and made accountable as in other business organizations. Then and only then will this industry gain respectability and show healthy growth.

Roger Smith is the founder of Magnetic Leadership Marketing (! MLM). He assists entrepreneurs in creating compelling businesses by working with individuals who are on a budget to help them successfully achieve their goals and achieve their full potential online, using the latest Web 2.0 Technology, in their MLM companies. If you are currently looking for new up to date business trends and want to learn the latest techniques of Attraction Marketing and other trainings go to? Haven?t found a business yet?still looking? Go here for a 7 part business evaluation quiz to see if you have what it takes... Skype Me: (972)535-8801

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This entire article will talk only about what you can do to make money online and how can you achieve this feat taking into consideration some of the simple internet rules. If you are really passionate about making money online and if you think you have that firepower then let me assure you that you are at the right place.

One of the mandatory rules while reading this is that you have to ask questions. So let me start this by telling you some demographics. 9 billion plus people on the World Wide Web have got rich within 3 months. So how is that possible? Methods that are mentioned over here are all very simple and do not involve any kind of complexities when it comes down to working. We had a case way back in the year 2004 when I was working for a company and one of my colleagues came up to me and said that a revolutionary way has arrived where you can make money online. I was then working for a poultry salary of 600 GBP a month. I asked her the details and ! she told me that you just invest for a computer and you can get started. I thought she was joking and laughed at her. We forgot about it because she left that company and now she works at home and earns double of that what I get. I was astonished when she told me that now she is at home raising her children and earns more.

Her husband is also happy because she can now look after the house and also earn in the process. This kind of life would not have been possible but with many online companies who pay you for all the activities that you do over the computer. Have you ever wondered that a site can pay you for reviewing a product! I did not imagine but now it is true. Today site owners like eBay and some of their mirror sites are providing exciting money making options to write reviews on products listed on these websites. But you will think why should I write review for some other product and what is the use? The use is that you get paid for your opinion about the p! roduct and the products gets a review written by a customer wh! ich is t hen further used to enhance the product sales. Ok so let me give you examples for this, basically there are two kind of paid reviews one which is community driven and the other one is product/service driven. Sites like CNet reviews and CrunchGears are the best examples for Paid to review sites. When I visited these sites I found that to be very interesting, I am not new to this field and I had not realized the power of content till I visited these sites. I always used to write articles and blogs posts about a particular place and particular food joint that I visited in my city. I would also recommend my friends and peers about a new gadget in the market be it I pods or the latest series of playstations. I commented on most of the tech gadget sites which described about these products. But all this that I did was absolutely free. opened my eyes in the new perspective and made me aware that everything that you write is of some monetary valu! e and that you should not write for free.

They made me aware of the various ways to make money online like Forum Postings; Cash back sites, Arbitrage betting etc.

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