Thursday, February 28, 2008

Candy Wrappers- A Home Business Success

Tired of commuting daily to office and back? The lack of time you have to spend with your children? Thinking of starting your own home venture? Here is a great home business suggestion ? Candy Wrapping!

Candy wrapping involves covering candy bars with designed over wraps created by you. You would be creating these over wraps to celebrate specific occasions and events such as weddings, birthdays, sports events or even graduation ceremonies. These over wraps would be personalized accordingly to the occasion.

For example let us assume that a couple is celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. They would contact you to obtain personalized candy bars for their guests, in order to make this occasion more memorable. You would design a special over wrap for this occasion with a personalized message which might read out as ?50 Years of Togetherness? and include the name of the couple and their anniversary date.

To start your own home based candy wra! pping venture, no special talent or skills are required. If you have a good artistic sense, basic understanding of ordinary software programs such as Microsoft Word and organization skills, you can fit right into this business. Brushing up on your customer servicing skills and marketing skills would ensure that you obtain a good clientele.

When considering the equipment required, a computer and a color printer are the essentials. In addition to this a scanner and a digital camera would be useful when incorporating pictures sent by your clients or your own pictures to your designs. To design the layouts of your templates you can either use a basic program such as Microsoft Word or other advance programs such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

In this profession the quality of the paper which you use to print the over wraps play a very important role. There are many types of paper available and you should consider the weight of the paper when purcha! sing, as the more heavier it gets the more difficult it is to ! wrap. A paper cutter would be a very useful tool when cutting the designed wrappers to the appropriate size. A glue stick or double sided tape is the last piece of utensil required to place your wrapper in place. Always remember that in this profession you never remove the candy bars original label as this is an important requirement for food products. You only place your wrapper over it.

You can decide whether you would limit your service up to the designing stage of the over wrap or go all the way up to the wrapping of the candy bar. If your services also include the wrapping stage, you should purchase the candy bars for your clients. Buying them in bulk would reduce your costs but you should purchase it only when you receive an order, since it is not an item which you can keep in storage. When shipping the order, always ensure that the candy bars are wrapped with bubble wrap for protection and it is stored at the correct temperature in order to avoid melting or damage.
Creation of a business plan is very important no matter how small your venture maybe. It would enable you to keep your business on track and also manage your company growth. Marketing your services is another vital step. The best marketing tool would be your own product. In addition to this you can utilize business cards, flyers or ads.

The Candy Wrapper Home Business is a fun and quite rewarding business. In addition to making money doing something you enjoy, you can have the satisfaction of creating precious keepsakes for your clients. has been helping work at home women start a home business for over 10 years. Their Bizymoms' Candy Wrappers career kit includes everything you need to start your Candy Wrappers Business including a basic home business start up guide and an easy start program, which provides step-by-step g! uidance on how to build up your Candy Wrappers business within! 29 days !

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