Sunday, September 30, 2007

How To Be A Smart Network Marketer

If you want to build a successful business you are going to have to follow a proven system that smart network marketers are using to automatically recruit thousands of new members and grow their organisation on autopilot with little effort.

The main reason why smart network marketers are successful is because they collect their own leads and use their own prospecting system to turn those leads into paying members. They create their own website and use their own auto responder to collect new leads and automatically recruit new members into their organisation.

Think about it, if you are going to spend a significant amount of time and effort generating leads for your business its essential that you actually have control over them. When you use your own auto responder to collect leads you can add new follow up messages and send broadcast emails whenever you want to contact your prospects.

So what you need to do is set up a website with a squeeze pag! e to collect leads for your auto responder and create a series of follow up messages that will be sent to people who subscribe. Each of your follow up messages will contain useful information and should encourage prospects to join your organisation.

Its all about creating your own unique prospecting system that collects leads and follows up with them until they decide to take action. Once set up, the whole process is fully automated and it will continue to follow up with your prospects on your behalf so that you can concentrate on generating more traffic and collecting more leads.

Although having your own prospecting system will help you succeed you may find that setting up a website and an auto responder is too complicated and time consuming. If this is the case you will have to make sure that the opportunity you choose to join has a prospecting system that allows you to send follow up and broadcast messages to your leads so that you have at least some contro! l.

But if you are serious about network marketing and y! ou want to build a successful business you need to learn how to set up a website and auto responder which are essential skills that are not difficult to master. This will help you recruit new members and grow your organisation as quickly as possible.

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