Monday, October 15, 2007

Network Marketing Lead Generation Systems â Your Critical Component to Success

Thousands of people start a new network marketing business every day, but very few of them are ever successful. One of the most critical components to being successful in your network marketing business is figuring out how you?re going to get new customers and business partners for your business.

If you?re reading this article you are probably trying to figure out how to be successful, or you may even just be trying to figure out how to break even. Either way I can assure you that finding interested prospects for your business is your number one business need. If you want to be successful you?re going to need a good network marketing lead generation system that provides you with tons of hungry, qualified, interested people for your network marketing business.

What is a Network Marketing Lead Generation System?

A lead generation system helps you find PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED in the products or opportunity of your network marketing business. Th! ese people will let you know they are interested by asking for more information. They may be interested in becoming either customers or business partners. It makes no difference because you?ll ultimately need both to grow your network marketing business.

Why do I need a Network Marketing Lead Generation System?

A network marketing business without interested prospects will not be successful. That?s why I personally think a Lead Generation System is one of the most important systems. How long could a McDonald?s stay open without any customers? You guessed it, not very long.

Does a Network Marketing Lead Generation System have to be on the internet?

No. There are many ways to systematically generate leads for your network marketing business. The most common is to make up a name?s list and call people you already know to see who?s interested. If you are unable or unwilling to do that then you?ll need a way to market your business to people you don?! t know.

What are Some Examples of Network Marketing Lea! d Genera tion Systems?

? Calling people on your Names List and asking if they would be open to getting some information
? Writing Informative Articles about your products with a link back to your site
? Placing a Home Based Business Ad in the paper
? Purchasing Leads (Some else does the work, you just plug them into your System
? Posting Comments on an internet Forum with a link back to your site

A network marketing lead generation system is any way you have of consistently identifying new interested people to talk to about your network marketing business.

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Joe Shaw is a full time network marketer and published author at hundreds of sites all ! over the internet.

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