Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Creating Your Own Income System

Alternative title: Baking Your Own Cake From A Thousand Recipes

Anyone that has entertained the idea of making money online has learned by now that there are about as many gurus as wannabe marketers, and as many experts as would-be students. The good news: there are, in actual fact, many people who have produced excellent manuals on the topic of making money from home. Some of these manuals are free, some are not. Sometimes the most valuable information comes in free eBooks, and sometimes buying an info product turns out to be an extremely valuable investment.

The question is, what do you do with all the information? (And in time you will accumulate enough PDF eBooks to warrant this question.) The answer is deceptively simple: devise your own system from all the bits and pieces of advice, information, examples, models and blueprints.

Try to keep in mind that the authors of (valuable) information products come from a specific background; they hav! e their own style of doing business, their own preferences, their own ideas of how much time and money should be invested in a specific marketing-related activity. Sometimes your own background is similar to that of an author?s, as are your ideas and preferences, and sometimes not.

In the end YOU (should) know yourself better than anyone. Know what YOU would like to spend your time and efforts on. Know how much time YOU would like to spend on a required activity. Know which projects look good on paper, but are not going to keep your sustained interest after the first week or two.

Gather enough information to know what you?d like to do, and what not (even if the opportunity you pass on sounds promising). Collect enough ideas to devise your OWN system, your OWN way of doing business - but be smart enough to include time-tested elements! You can even take an existing system of making money, and change it to strike a balance between your preferences on the one han! d, and sustainability and efficiency on the other.

When! you?ve got your system on paper, test it, change it when and where necessary, and then commit to it. Turn it into an effective income generating process that can be repeated as often as necessary.


Brand Smit is the lensmaster of The Money Index on Squidoo. From Google AdSense to Forex trading to freelance writing and beyond, if you need ideas on how to create a variety of income streams, The Money Index is where the process starts.
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