Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Most Marketers Are Looking for in a Home business?

My latest reading was an article about work at home businesses and direct sales businesses. It contained some very good information, and the section I would like to discuss here was about their feelings on what they consider to be the greatest network marketing business and the business that they were involved in. For the past 12 years it has been my business, and full-time at that, which has given me considerable knowledge of home based marketing, network marketing and internet marketing.

The author wrote this article on his own level of knowledge and experience and not the level of his potential leads. To begin, I do not want to talk about his company ? even though it may be a very good company. For me to do this, it would skip my message, and start an argument that that essentially could not be won. To compare this scenario, it would be like two 7 year old tots, playing in a sandpile, and they are having an altercation about which of their papas are the m! ost muscular.

For this session, I simply want to provide you input, on what you as a lead prospect are probably looking for and give to you a set of guiding thoughts to help you judge and evaluate which business or opportunity will be the best one you could select. Number one; foremost here is what the greatest number of us look for in network marketing or in fact, in any home business.

They want a good product that works for several reasons I'll go into later.
And beyond that they want to make the most money possible in the shortest amount of time in an honest manner. They realize that work is required, however they want the work they do to produce the most results possible.

And with the least possible risk so that the income they earn continues to come in at the highest possible level for many, many years in a true residual fashion.

I ask the question now - does anyone not want the above scenario?
This is what the prospect is looking fo! r. Then it is the job of the marketer (you) to be able to pres! ent why your company and system is the best one to help someone accomplish those goals mentioned above.
Plus be able to help your people do the same thing to assure their great success.

Nick A. James is a Nutrition and Internet Marketing Consultant.

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