Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are Network Marketers Grateful?

In network marketing most people expect that someone will call them out of the blue and say ?I want to sign up with you. Even though, you haven?t shown that you are a leader and someone I want to follow?.

In so many cases Network Marketers start with the ?New? Attraction ? based model of Marketing but bring the same old habits with them, not willing to let them go.

And, this is what I mean - so many of them start placing ads up on the Internet and actually make some profit. They make a profit that they would have never made when building with the teachings of the ?old? school network marketing. They attract prospects to them while making that profit and now have a chance to build a relationship with those prospects and could very well promote themselves as leaders in the industry if they choose to.

However, when you ask these people the question ? ?Are you getting any results?? or ?What are your results?? they respond back ??I haven?t signed up! anyone into my Network Marketing opportunity, yet.? They say ?I made $140 and have 45 prospects on my e-mail list, but I haven?t gotten any results, because no one has called me and I haven?t signed up anyone yet?.

Then, you ask them back ??What value did you provide to them? What incentive did you give to them to join your team??

Usually, after these questions there is DEAD silence on the other end of the phone or they start answering with ?Ummmmmm?.

Yes, they made $140 initially by offering the value of sharing an ebook or an educational product, but the value can?t stop there.

That?s called selfishness; you are not willing to give more, unless you receive back.

But, when you look at the real leaders in the industry of Attraction ?based Network Marketing, like Mike Dillard, for example, or Ann Sieg you find tremendous value around them. They provide free systems, ongoing free training, conference calls, and interviews with other market! ing experts, etc.

No wonder they are able to sign up h! uge numb ers of people most effortlessly into their MLM.

This is something that they didn?t do by chance.

Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard understand ?Give and then you receive?.

So now, what you could do is be excited when you start generating your first small profits while attracting prospects to your list and know that this is just the beginning. Know that the selfish mindset would only be an obstacle on the way of you becoming a true leader which equals to being a true solutions provider.

Even if you have only 10 people on your list, at first, strive to attract more and find a way to guide them, find a way to teach them something. Even if it is just one little thing, you should start there.

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