Monday, December 17, 2007

A Couple Things Needed To Succeed In A Home Based Business

Working with online marketing and affiliate programs I have found that there are a few things that are needed to succeed in this business. Yes, having the right programs, and learning online advertising is important. However what makes the difference if you are successful or not, is not necessarily your knowledge, for anyone can obtain this knowledge but, it is more your character. Integrity, Trust Worthiness, Discipline and so on.

Lets take a look at a couple of these qualities:
Discipline is defined as; training expected to produce a specific character or pattern behavior activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill. Are you disciplined enough to treat your affiliate programs as a business? Will you get the work done before you go play? Will you stay up late after the kids go to bed to get it done? If you are not disciplined enough to do the learning and work when it needs to be done then you may not make it.

Do not worr! y being disciplined is a trait that is learned and improved if you are willingly to work at it and with time. Start with a note on your mirror so that you see it every morning and night, saying something like this "I have the discipline to do the work in my business when it needs to be done". As you look at this everyday read it, get it in your mind, in your heart and most of all act on it. Watch how fast you start becoming disciplined in your business.

Another is integrity which is defined as; adherence to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character, Honesty. Are the products you are selling good, of good quality, are you using honest sales tactics. I went to one affiliate site and all over the sales letter it promoted a "free" DVD on that particular teaching subject. Only to find out that there is a fee for shipping and handling. The DVD is no longer FREE, either the sales letter needs to say there is a charge for this and not use the word FREE in i! t or make it completely FREE. Are you true to your word or is ! your fre e not really free. This is integrity. This leads to trust worthiness which is hard to develop online and not in person.

Bob Kotlarz
BMK Enterprises

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