Sunday, December 9, 2007


? A Tough Decision

How thousands of people create wealth with residual income.

If you are like most people, chances are that you are fed up with work; commuting day after day, sitting in a stuffy office (or dealing with wayward kids, or people) being overworked and bringing home just enough to pay the bills and have a bit left over. Next to that working from home seems an excellent idea ? or is it?

Studies show that not all people are cut out for working for themselves. Sometimes they just don?t have the drive to succeed. Sometimes they find it too lonely. There are tests you can take, and one such resource is found here. It is necessary that you are completely honest with yourself when answering.

Most people dream of working for themselves, whereas only some are willing to try it. The ?safety? of a salaried position is a difficult one to give up. The few who are willing to try it usually give up their jobs to do so, insuring their s! uccess. In contrast, most people who try self-employment do so part time, thereby not giving themselves the time or the space to persevere and follow through, as the ?safety net? takes all their time and effort. Also most home businesses are Network Marketing or Direct Sales related, and as we know sales take a lot of effort, and most people do not have it in them to succeed. Indeed, people who succeed at such business endeavors are those who have a stubborn will to succeed, and make sure they do the training and equip themselves with what they need to succeed.

If you fall in this category of people who have decided to succeed no matter what, and are taking the steps to make sure they do, you might just find that working from home on a Network Marketing or Direct Selling business give you the following benefits:

? Your personal growth is remarkable
? Your bank account is growing
? You get to know people r! eally well
? Your skills at communicating with others becom! e amazin g
? You become a great leader
? Your business grows fast and reach great heights
? You become good at making quick decisions
? Your income exceeds expectations
? You travel more
? You have more freedom
? You have more time

You can see that the benefits of starting a business from home in the Direct Sales Industry far outweigh the risks and is way better than working for a boss. However, you need to be the type of person that has his goal in front of him all the time and who calculates every move he makes as either bringing him closer to his goal or taking him further away from it.
The successful person will make sure that the kind of activities he does would be the kind that take him closer to his goal. The successful person will be stubborn in the sense that he will not do anything that takes him further away from his goal.

To work for a boss, or work from home ?. You decide.

By! Vladimir Blagonic
Your Home Based Business


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