Friday, December 7, 2007

There Are No Winners in the Blame Game

How was I to blame for my financial woes? My boss never paid me what I?m worth, my credit card interest rates were outrageous, my mortgage company had taken me for a ride and Uncle Sam made sure to take his cut. I followed the traditional steps. I went to college, got a decent job, worked hard but continued to struggle to make ends meet. It wasn?t my fault I lived paycheck to paycheck? or was it?

People blame others for their financial shortcomings because they simply haven?t been given the knowledge to overcome them. It?s easy to get stuck in a rut financially. We?ve been taught it?s normal to just to earn enough to make ends meet. Subconsciously you?ve been trained to believe that?s how life works. It?s true someone is always to blame and that person is you. There is a better way.

I spent 13 years in the radio industry, even longer in the work force making corporate executives and business owners rich. The only difference between us was the ambition! and initiative to make a change?that or a healthy inheritance. Either way, I decided to stop blaming others and find a way to make the salary that I wanted. I wanted to work less, have more time for the things that were important to me and be my own boss. Starting a conventional business required more money and time than I had. Instead, I learned from successful business coaches how to turn a simple system into a success I had only dreamed of. I took a small monthly investment, one I was already making anyway and turned it into the power behind my home-based business. If I had known years ago that buying my daily consumables from my self could lead to my financial security, I wouldn?t have college loans to pay off. I became a network marketer.

Now, I?m the business coach that teaches others to stop playing the blame game and turn a small monthly investment into a profit generating home-based business. The leaders in my business can envision a life of success without! blame. Not everyone can function without pointing fingers at ! others f or problems that arise. These people are probably worth seven bucks an hour. They continue to work hard so their boss can drive an expensive car, live in a fancy house and enjoy exotic vacations. If you?re tired of others reaping the benefits of your hard work, there is a solution. Find a business plan like mine where the income potential is only limited by your level of desire and dedication. In my life there?s no one left to blame. The one person responsible for my success?is me.

Make it a great day!

Kenny Jones

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