Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zrii: A sure way to Success, Prosperity and Good Health!

You would probably think it is impossible if we tell you that it is possible to improve your health along with improving your wealth. After all if you go on working very hard to get more wealth, you are bound to neglect your health and only taking care of your health will not guarantee you a lot of wealth either. However it is just a matter of time when you too will start believing in the possibility and reality of getting both your health and your wealth on the upward track.

Open your eyes to Zrii- an energy drink that can give your body a new path to long levity and health. Once you start taking zrii you will discover yourself to be more calm and relaxed and making decisions of your life with much more ease. Not just this your immune, digestive and circulatory systems will improve, your heart will better and your cholesterol levels will go down. All this accompanied with a promise of no side effects and a great taste. Now that is one drink you sure would w! ant to be a part of your diets.

Zrii is made from Amalaki, a fruit from the Himalayas known for centuries to help in cellular rejuvenation, increasing vitality, enhancing immune function. Zrii also contains 6 other medically known herbs. These are Schizandra, Tulsi, Turmeric, Jujube, Haritaki and Ginger. When combined in perfect proportions these ingredients increase tremendously the benefits that Amalaki alone provides.
And our team of expert Ayurvedic physicians and scholars, top notch Western doctors, high esteemed PhDs in modern nutrition and chemistry has done exactly this. Zrii is the result of their research and hard work.

Health benefits from zrii:

? Better cellular rejuvenation, increasing vitality
? Better immune system
? Improved digestion, assimilation and absorption
? Easing arthritis pain and even has blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties
? Enhances circulatory system
? Nourishing tissues especially of he! art, kidney and liver
? Cures cold, headaches, inflammation! , stomac h ailments, heart diseases and malaria
? Also a beauty tonic having youth preserving properties

However along with all these benefits you can be a part of the Zrii prosperity plan. This flourishing venture is waiting for you to be a part of it and gain more than just good health. You could give your career a kick start by being a Zrii representative and letting more people around you know about Zrii. This will also spread the good health in their lives and give you the chance to prosper. If you are an already established entrepreneur then Zrii can be your ladder to success.

Just take a look at our prosperity plan and you will see that with such rewards and bonuses for you, it is just a matter of time when Zrii changes your life forever. Zrii is like an opportunity you have been waiting for. Our easy work and great benefits will in no time give you a leg ahead on your peers and competition.
So just visit our website and learn more about how to bring pros! perity in your life.

Shannon Lokker
Zrii Independent Executive

Zrii and The Original Amalaki are registered trademarks of Zrii LLC.
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