Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Money on the Web- 7 Essentials You Need!

Of course there are a lot of scams out there. We all have to do our due diligence. That is, to make as sure as possible that the people and the product we are doing business with, is legitimate. I personally have been taken by some very good (and once or twice some not so good) scams.

What I really want to deal with is the problem that most people have, who find a good business or opportunity. They want to make money fast. In this world of microwave potatoes, oatmeal etc. we want what we want NOW. Dont get me wrong, I like that many things are easier and faster than they used to be. I have used outdoor plumbing and am very grateful for the indoor improvments!! But not all of life can be, nor should it be, on steroids or rocket fuel. To try and demand this is not only why many are scammed but why many simply FAIL in the home business industry.

Even when people do find a good viable business they expect to make a million dollars in there first month and! when they dont start seeing thousands of dollars in a couple of hours they get discourged and quit. Maybe they stick it out for 2 or 3 days but most people give up and just waste their time and money. So if you find a business or start one be sure it comes with a good support system and live people to help. This is a good one.

Here are a few ideas to see if the home based business industry is right for you.
1. You enjoy working alone. By this I mean not in an office with other people, often later at night or early morning.
2. You are self motivated. You dont need a boss looking over your shoulder to keep you going.
3. You do not give up easily. The home based industry has a lot of benefits but instant gratification is not usually one of them.
4. You set goals and work hard to achieve them. This is pretty self explanatary.
5. You like to learn. Nobody knows it all and you will make fewer and less costly mist! akes if you are willing to listen and learn.
6. You like to! read. M ost of your learning will come by reading (e books or manuals) or perhaps video and some phone calls.
7. You like to write. Many business opportunities will need this skill.

Dont misunderstand me, a home based business can be a rewarding experience both personally and financially.
I would like to help or answer questions and I can be reached through my website.
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