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How To Add Revenue To Your Business

A business that is not in profits is a recipe for failure. It does not have to cost you a fortune to add revenue to your business. It is hard to believe, but true.

Everyone who owns a business is looking for effective ways to add revenue to their business. It does not matter if the business is online or offline. You must create revenue to survive.

And effective revenue will generate residual income for years to come, if done right.

The secret to adding awesome value to your business is to offer unresistable products or services to your customers, and have a strong marketing campaign and sell tons of your products or services. Now there is another way to this even if you do not sell any products! What if I was to show you how to make money from every visitor, even if they do not purchase your product or service. I have found a way to do just that. Read on!!!

See, it is like this, you lose money if your customers do not purchase your produc! ts or services, right! Does that make sense?

But what if you get paid for each and every customer that just stops by even if they do not purchase your product or service. Would you get excited? I know I would!

Listen, I spent all of the year of 2007 searching for answers to the statement that 97% of all business fail within the first year. I wanted to know why this was and find a way to solve this problem.

And here is the results of my one year study.

The reason that 97% of all businesses were failing is because they were not producing enough profits. They were not selling enough products to cover their expenses. Right! Does that make sense? So the problem lies in needing to generate profits not debt right?

I had to find a way for anyone from the beginner to major corporations to generate an income even if their customers did not purchase a single product or service.

This one secret would guarantee the survival of any and all busin! ess. Agree?

If your business offline or online is going! to surv ive in the future, it must generate a income from every person who drops by, Right! Even if they do not purchase your product or service.

And I had also found out that most all powerful answers to any question, is a simple answer.

We all know it is a fact that more and more people are online these days. So if we are going to make money we need to reach that online crowd, right?

But now we have a problem! We can not sell one product to everyone, right? You can not sell mechanics tools to a Grandma?s knitting club, or vice a versa....

But what if you placed an ad that reaches everyone from mechanics to Grandma?s. And you get paid for them just clicking on your website, even if they do not purchase your product or service. Would you get excited?

Example: If you placed one ad and that ad received 1,000 hits. And you sold 20 products from that one ad. But you made a profit from all 1,000 visitors. That is what I am talking about in this article.! Generating a profit from all 1,000 visitors plus profit from the 20 sales...

Getting paid for each every click on your website even if you do not sell one product. That is how not to become one of the 97% of those businesses that fail within the first year.

This is a free opportunity for those who want to succeed in the future. The secret that I am about to reveal to you is called Pay-Per-Play.

Pay-Per-Play is a small audio code that you placed on your website. This code is so small that it takes up only one pixel of your web page, and that is all....

When some one clicks on your website, they will hear a 5 second audio message from an advertiser. And you will get paid for that visitor clicking on your website. It is that simple.

Any and all website businesses can take advantage of this opportunity. No matter if you have one website or one thousand websites. The more the better.

If you have this system set up on your website you ca! n not lose, even if you never sell one product. How is that fo! r succes s?

Do not go out and break your back and bank account, trying to sell your products or services. Just keep it simple, get paid for everyone who stops by your store, 24 hours a day 7 days a week even on Holidays.

Here is another awesome tip. Place this simple code on each and every page of your website. And on all your other websites, this simple step increases your income even more. Now you are really in business and the 97% failure rate will flee from you like the dark does when light hits it.

As I said earlier, this article and the information within is the results of a one year study in 2007.
Remember, the strength of a successful business is profits. And that is what this article is all about. A business without profits is doomed for failure.

This is eye opening information and the system is called Pay-Per-Play. To read more about this awesome technology visit my blog site below.

This article may be distributed freely on your website! and in your ezines, as long as this entire article, links and the resource box are unchanged.

About the Author:

John Arrington has 12 years experience in the marketing business. And has helped countless of people to become successful. To read more about the Pay-Per-Play system visit my blog site at:
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