Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Work Online, Get Paid at Home!

Think about your work day ? about all you accomplish from the time you finally arrive, after a likely-too-long commute, to the time you walk out of the building at the end of the day. Think about communication like telephone calls and email, and the files you open and close each day. When you think about the equipment you need to accomplish your work, most of us would say first, a computer; second, a telephone; and perhaps third, a fax machine. The rest of the machinery would come after: printer, desk, Internet access, etc. For some, even web cameras and conference-calling machinery are part of every day. If you own your business, these are your lifeline.

But wait ? don?t you have all (or most) of that in your home? The percentage of work that you do on your computer, and the amount of email and telephone time you spend (vs. face-to-face time), can only lead you to one conclusion. Why not work from home, online? Get paid at home! Internet access can get you t! o the files and sites you need, and email and instant messaging can help you communicate with those you need to contact most often, sometimes much faster than finding them in an office! Fax machine, printer and telephone can complete your work space, just like in the building you commute to every day.

If you are a firm believer that time is money ? and if you own your business, you know it?s true - you probably already seek ways to use your commute time to your advantage. Audio books and seminar tapes can help you use your drive time to learn more about your business. Perhaps you even (safely) use your headset cell phone to contact clients and colleagues.
Even these tasks can?t eliminate the time lost preparing to commute and taking care of your vehicle for that ride. What about the steady stream of interruptions to your physical space? Unwanted telephone calls and drop-in cubicle neighbors can waste more time than you think.

Eliminate the problem altoget! her. Work online, at home. Get paid at home, too.

With! some ef fort, you can make your home office your only office. If you own your business, think of the time and money you?ll save yourself to earn. If you work for someone else, convince them that time you spend commuting and being interrupted at your desk at work, is productive time (and money) they lose.

Working at home eliminates those interruptions and gives you ultimate control of your work environment. Take advantage of the best of both worlds ? work online, get paid at home!

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