Monday, October 29, 2007

10 Steps To Know If It's Really A Legitimate Home Based Business

When you look for a legitimate home based business what should you look for?

Here's 10 steps to know if it's really a legitimate home based business:

1. Look for a legitimate home based business positioned in the fastest growing areas. Time freedom or anti aging & health is certainly positioned right in front of all those aging baby boomers.

2. Is there a real person that you can contact or that can contact you? I won't say you shouldn't bother if there isn't but it's much better to talk to a real person that can explain exactly why it's a legitimate home based business.

3. Are there testimonials with pictures and audio? Anyone can write text, so make sure there's some pictures with audio to listen. This is a good way to get some good proof that it's a legitimate home based business.

4. Credentials: is there a document on the site attesting to the truth of certain stated facts? Like an earnings disclaimer. A legitimate home base! d business should have this.

5. Don't fall for any one time offers, it's just a way to get you to buy as quickly as possible and without thinking.

6. If you see a timer on the site it's definitely not a legitimate home based business. It's way to make u feel as if you should buy right now and ask questions later, reload the page and you will see that the timer starts over again.. legitimate sellers won't need these type of things to sell their products.

7. Ask questions, ask about anything you're uncomfortable with or don't understand, this is another reason why it's much better to talk to a real person. No one wants to send ten or twenty emails back and forth trying to understand each other.

8. Will you need to advertise to make a profit? If so, will the legitimate home based business provide you with the tools, resources and services you'll need? This is without question a very important aspect if your selling anything so make sure you know exa! ctly how their tools and services can help you do this effecti! vely. It doesn't help it's a legitimate home based business and you don't have the tools to advertise it affectively.

9. I'm sure you know that without support it's absolutely useless to try and go forth with any so called legitimate home based business. ask them what type of support you can expect and if it's 24/7.

10. Don't buy anything that doesn't have a product, like a program that resells itself. Take a look at what you will be selling, is there a market for what you are selling?
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