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Why I chose profitlance instead of all the others

I looked at many different programs but they all seemed to simply be an e-book or a very cheap looking website that you had to pay hosting fees for. I searched google 10 pages deep looking for an honest review of home based businesses. Most of what I saw was "Scam Alert, Don't buy from anyone but me, blah blah blah." The one common element was that everyone said the profitlance course was a training/educational system. So, I decided to spend my hard earned money and give it a try.

I really can't find anything bad to say about this program. It is excellent, extensive and very user friendly. The best way to explain it is by asking, "Are you ready to start learning about the internet?"

Well, ProfitLance is ready to share with you everything Michael Andrew knows! This course is very complete. I have learned many important internet secrets from Profit Lance. I have since created a website for very little expense that has already generated me some revenue. L! et me admit that it hasn't been a ton of money but it is a start.

Let me break down some of the major reasons why I joined. Let me start by telling you an incredible fact:

According to Internet World Stats dot com, there are 212,080,135 Internet users as of July/07. This is just in the United States. Nielsen/NetRatings has estimated that this is approximately 2/3 of the entire population of the United States! Any percentage of this type of number could mean significant revenue for an Internet business. I am willing to stake my claim to a share of this large number. I truly believe there is room for everyone to make money. However,this is provided you have the right internet marketing experience and desire. You learn everything you need to know in the profit lance course.

I have been searching and purchasing products since 1996, when I paid several hundred dollars for a set of two binders fulled with printed material on how to make a website profitable. ! I have since purchased many less expensive products in an atte! mpt to e xtract any tips. Here is an obvious statement that many people simply refuse to accept, "If it sounds to good to be true, it is". I am guilty of getting caught up in the excitement of a new program or a slick website that promises millions of dollars overnight. My suggestion is that you save the money and invest it in a program or course that teaches you and requires you to put what you learned into action. This is reason number two that I selected profitlance. It is an educational tool.

Those slick websites that claim to show you how to make a million dollars overnight are nothing more than distractions. Distractions have been my biggest obstacle. Here is the first rule that seems so simple yet causes many people to fail! Avoid distractions! Distractions are major obstacles to success, so clear your mind of distractions, find a quiet place and concentrate on what you want to do.

Profitlance's e-book section has a ton of self help proven formulas that will defi! nitely help anyone. Regardless of where you absorb this information, it is equally as important to remain focused and have a positive attitude as you absorb this material. There is a ton of information in Michael Andrew's course. It has taken me a few months to get through most of it.

Here is the another reason why I joined Profit Lance and it is very important to understand.

It does not matter if you have not yet decided on what product or service that you would like to sell. Do not let this distract you from your desires. Once you log into the members area you will clearly appreciate how much information he provides and be able to understand how it all works and how you can make money on the internet or market any product. Maybe, the biggest reason I joined is because Michael Andrew actually returns your email! I researched a lot of other programs and encourage you do to the same. I believe a honest person or company should at least return your email. Profit! Lance was the only person to respond to my email. This means ! that Mic hael Andrews is standing behind his product and has a sincere desire to help.

If you are not ready to join the profitlance course and are still researching your options you should at least start to cultivate your desires and then your mind will be right for when you find the perfect product. I would recommend that you right down a simple paragraph that best summarizes what you want to achieve. Many successful people have done exactly the same thing. One of the most popular books that describe this method is by Napoleon Hill, and it is entitled Think and Grow Rich. It was soon after reading this book, that I developed my own personal motivational mantra that really seems to motivate me to even right this article.

The only question at this point is whether you are willing to make time to create additional revenue? One of the main attractions for me was the ability to work towards the following goals of being able to work from home, set my own hours and provide a ! great income for my family.

The Profitlance course has given me an incredible amount of easy to understand information. It would still be an incredible value at ten times the current prices. You receive a dozen of pre-made web pages that allow you to instantly start making money.

The course is so much more than a simple set of free websites. Think of it as an academic course on how to succeed on the internet. But if you just want to market the premade sites, I suggest your missing the point of the program. Save your money!

A final reason that I joined is that the course actually provides essential learning tools that will enable you to become successful regardless of what product or information your are trying to market.

I created several web pages on my website as the result of what I have learned in this course. This course makes learning fun and interesting. This is an amazing opportunity. The only thing that separates you from everyone els! e is the action you take!

Do not take lightly what was! present ed in this article. You should start preparing yourself to be successful. I hope I have shed some light on the profit lance course. I would like to hear from you as well and if you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact me anytime. If you would like to see the site I created with the tools taught, you can go to


Kelly Day

Ps. Regardless if you join the program or not, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with as much assistance as I can.

Stay safe.

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