Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Multiple Streams of Income Vs. Program Jumping

This is a huge topic and is one that you must completely understand. Otherwise, you will get "ripped off" and lose a lot of money. Let me explain what multiple streams of income are and what they are not. Multiple streams of income create many revenue avenues. Michael Corcoran, who was the founder of the first multiple income stream marketing system on the internet in 2001, would agree with this concept.
When Mike Corcoran created the first multiple income stream marketing system, he never imagined how so many people would take advantage of this concept and use it against you to your detriment. Before I get into detail about the ways that these so-called "internet guru's" are taking advantage of you, I'll get into the proper way it was intended to be used.
Multiple income streams are generated after a person starts a business with one company, affiliate program, MLM or direct sales company. It was intended for that person to master the first program, have succ! ess with it for a minimum of one to two years and then add another business to the portfolio when the first business is running on autopilot. While still running the first business, putting little time into it because it was running so well, focus a little more time and money into the second business to get that one up to speed where it was duplicating the results of the first business. This is how you can double your results. Usually it would take a year or two to get a business and multiple incomes up to the level where they were running on autopilot.
If you have spent many years developing the above strategy, it is alright to add a third or a fourth business to the portfolio as long as you maintained the original businesses. Adding more than one business to your portfolio in less than a year generally indicates that a person is not focused and even speaks unfavorablely to their character. Beware, that person is simply a program jumper and is out to take your money.Program jumping is becoming more and more popular these days ! from the se so called "internet guru's". Watch out for these people. If someone has joined three programs in 6 months time, they are "program jumpers". Program jumping only benefits the leader of "jump". They usually say things like "Brand New" or "Get in Early" or "This one is so much better". The truth is, they take all of their followers from program to program to program. They make excuses of why they left the old program to find another one. They say they've found a better mouse trap over here and encourage you to follow and promise tons of money. I know people who have joined 5 programs in 7 months. Anytime a new program came on the market, they were in it, suckered all the people they could into it until the next new program came about.
I know several people, who on the outside look great, but jump ship every two months. They put together training packages, slick marketing tools such as capture pages and auto responders, professionally written letters, etc. They look like a! leader until you pay them $1000 for program A, then another $1000 for program B, the $1500 for program C and so on. Pretty soon, they are rich, you broke and left to fend for yourself.
Best advise is to use your common sense out there. Do your homework before you join anything with anybody. Ask the following questions: What else do you promote? What have you tried? How many have you tried this year? Last year?
If they do NOT have a stable track record, run for the hills. Think about it. If you were an employer and wanted to hire an employee and you get an applicant that has had four jobs this year alone, would you hire them? NO Way! You know that by the time you trained them, they would leave looking for more money! Isn't that right?
In closing I will leave with these thoughts. Use your common sense and beware of the so called "Internet Guru". They disguise themselves as an expert, but they are really just "program jumpers".
www.makemassiveincomeathome.com Source: http://www.a1articles.com/article_232298_80.html
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