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10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Online Business

There are many setbacks that can cost you time and money if they are not taken care of. The best strategy is to try to avoid mistakes as much as possible and make sure to continually revise what you are doing and stick with what works. It is also very important to have an attitude to learn new skills and adapt to new technologies.

The following 10 steps are proven to work and will help you improve your online business.

1. Your Own Domain Name.
Make sure you have a legitimate domain name for your website. It is best to set up your own site then add links to any business you may have. Affiliate links are considered duplicates by search engines and your site will not be listed on their searches. Regular domains are also easier to remember and make your site appear more professional and authentic.

2. Your Own Website.
It is easy to set up a webpage these days even for the novice. Most website hosting packages come with website editing softwa! re, either at no cost or for a low price. You can add text, links and banners to give it a professional look. You will also want to make sure that your site is search engine friendly. The best way to establish that is to have useful content that will be of value to your visitors. Also make sure to have a webpage title that describes your site accurately and contains the major key words listed on you site. Meta tags are also very important and will help make you site searchable. Most editing software will allow you to ad these components.

3. Advertising.
After building your website you will want to attract visitors. The fastest way is to place paid ads in news papers or online. Another method is by setting a pay-per-click campaign with Google, Yahoo or any major search engine. This will give you targeted traffic almost overnight. Make sure to study your budget and advertising goals carefully since it is very easy to overspend when it comes to advertising.

4.! Establish Links.
To get free traffic from search engines, ! you will have to establish external links pointing to your site. The more links you have, the higher your Google Page Rank (PR) will become. Also make sure you link to websites with relatively high PR. The quality of these links will affect how your website gets ranked. Any page over PR 4 is considered good to most marketers even though the scale goes to PR10. The Google toolbar has a PR meter that will tell you the rank of any page you visit. It is recommended that you install it.

5. Blogging for Traffic.
There are several ways to establish links to you site, but it usually does take some time. An easy way is to setup blogs with some of the major blogging sites like Myspace, WordPress and Blogger. You can set a blog very easily and talk about your business and how it will benefit your customers. You can add weekly updates, new product info, or just keep everyone informed about how your business is progressing. Since search engines will pickup most major blogs these days, ! you should include your sigfile (signature file) at the end of your blog. Make sure it contains your website's URL to get traffic and improve your page rank.

6. More Ways to get Traffic.
In addition to blogs you can also write business articles like the one you are reading now and publish it to the many ezine article websites. You can also write press releases and have them published to the major distribution sites in the same manor. Business forums are also a great place to learn and get traffic to your website. It is advisable as well to use your sigfile when you contribute to these forums. Also make sure to read all the forum rules and contribute effectively without spamming.

7. Building the List.
Building a prospect list is a major part of growing your business. It is a known fact that most successful internet marketers maintain a list of people that signup to receive information and offers from them. There are many autoresponder subscription servic! es that allow you to build and maintain your list online. AWeb! er and R esponse Magic are popular ones that allow you to install an email capture page on your website to have your customers fill out and request more information. Recurring newsletters and product offers will bring you long term business.

8. Personal Contact and Follow up.
Just like any business, the personal aspect is of great importance. You must seek to maintain contact with your business prospects and not rely on the automation part of the business to take over. You always need to gain their trust and let them know that there is an actual person or people doing the business. You can establish that by phone, email, your blog updates or any means that you choose as long as you maintain a personal trust aspect between yourself and your customers.

9. New Trends and Technologies.
Keep an eye out for new trends and technologies in the marketplace. There was a time when email and computers did not exist. Look how things are continuously changing and a lot of new ! products and improvements will always become available. Video marketing continues to grow as the number of people using the video hosting sites such as Youtube and Ifilm continue to increase. Podcasting is also relatively new on the market and more people are becoming users of the technology every day. Marketers that adapt and ride the new trends usually have leverage over the late adopters! So keep your eyes open.

10. Be a Life-Long Learner.
I have noticed that top earners are the ones that spend the most on self improvement and education. It makes sense since they want to keep what they have already established and improve their business. It is not uncommon to hear marketers spend tens of thousands annually just for educating themselves. Reading books, attending seminars and taking courses are all great ways to gain more knowledge.

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