Thursday, November 1, 2007

OMENA.WS Releases An Economic Program That Turns A $10 Investment Into A $3905 Monthly Income on Monday launched the world?s first online economic network for opportunity seekers and online home based business entrepreneurs. This bold initiative gives a fair share of the value generated by online companies back to individual users who help create that value., Online Mentoring Associates, combines Free Home Based Business Income Opportunities that has been designed for all Home Based Business Owners and for individuals who desire to become successful entrepreneurs by simply laying out a platform that allows its members to easily join forces to their combine efforts. It eliminates the need for large investments of time and money. By following cleverly designed step by step directions and completing the task daily from the comfort of their own home, members are generating unbelievable amounts of income and are receiving monthly checks in record breaking numbers. has taken the Wal-Mart approach and developed its own Inter! net version of Wal-Marts unique style of marketing and positioning. Members are now able to receive multiple streams of income from selected companies. Free Home Based Business Income approach takes twelve (12) of the most profitable free home based business opportunities on the Internet, combines them together so that they enhance one another. Any current and/or desired business owner who is able to follow directions can build multiple streams of income from one single effort. enables members o market all twelve (12) of the chosen free home based business opportunities from one location. They simply sign up for each of the chosen free income opportunities submit their links for website configuration and follow the step by step daily plan which is delivered to their email box everyday. Each assignment takes about 30 minutes a day depending on the individual?s computer knowledge.

Again, all of the work from home business opportunities are f! ree to join. After the first seven (7) days of service, member! s pay a $10.00 website hosting fee each month. Prior to this fee, if the member followed the daily assignments, they have already made that investment back and some. OMENA.WS members are able to make money without having to go out of their way to recruit their friends and family. As they follow the daily plan of implementing each of the free home based business opportunities, they learn online marketing techniques that teach them to recruit other free home based business opportunity seekers who are like minded with the same desires they have.

Paul Brown and his wife Candi says "This Program Is Ingenious .. It's the BEST we've ever seen..."

The twelve (12) free home based business opportunities in OMENA?s portfolio consist of three (3) large MLM companies (Global Domains International (GDI), Escape International and Free Card Matrix), four (4) quick cash programs (Agloco, Take The Internet Back, Deals N Cash, and Fusion Cash), five (5) marketing tools (Veretekk, Direct! Matches, Desktop Lightning, Search Big Daddy and KashCard) which all have residual income programs attached to them.

Dornessa Harris is an online mentoring coach; trainer and owner of who has help thousands of individual become financially free.

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