Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stay Vibrantly Alive With Envia Vibe!

Eniva has more than a good idea, they have a healthy idea that every one of us deserves to be truly alive. Vibrantly alive! Eniva?s VIBE, is an innovative liquid with an advanced proprietary nutrient delivery system for your body. VIBE is the answer for modern health concerns of daily living in this modern world.

You may not have heard of it but VIBE is fast becoming a phenomenon in the health industry. This power packed liquid is helping thousands of individual?s lead better, more optimized lives.

VIBE, by Eniva is more than a 100% natural product. Its nutrient values are more than just a vitamin supplemented drink. Just one ounce of this health filled liquid provides over 11,000 mg of health filled nutrients that your body truly needs to run the way our bodies were designed to.

Science has shown us you can address the aging process of your body significantly by meeting its nutritional needs and strengthening your immune system. VIBE, by Eniva,! not only addresses these two factors but also helps to neutralize the effects that stress has on the aging factor as well.

VIBE is a comprehensive liquid supplement that delivers all of the essential vitamins and minerals with added nutrients. This innovative liquid not only meets your nutritional needs but also helps fight the aging process as well.

This invigorating nutrient supplement is properly balanced with multiple nutrients from years of research at Eniva. They not only manufacture VIBE, they are the formulators.

Eniva's mission and dedication is nothing short of driven. The company's aim was to create a product, a nutrient supplement that not only addresses the basic, daily recommended requirements but to surpass this objective. VIBE is that answer. It is pharmaceutically formulated to meets all of the body's needs to live life at its optimum best the ever changing environment of today.

It is Dr. Benjamin Baechler, the team leader of ! the Eniva R&D team that brought VIBE to us within Eniva's CLAS! S 10,000 R&D Laboratories. It has been through ongoing research in nutrient bio-availability technology that VIBE was formulated to meet pharmaceutical standards and gain laboratory certifications.

Eniva is helping thousands of people lead better, healthier lifestyles. This breakthrough nutrient supplement has impacted these ordinary individuals to achieve extra-ordinary results in their lives simply by taking one ounce of VIBE on a daily basis.

This extra-ordinary breakthrough supplement gives people what their bodies have always needed but never gotten until now. The science behind this wonderful product is giving thousands of people's lives back to them again.

VIBE is a naturally pure supplement. The cost is less than $2.00 a day to stay healthy and invigorated. VIBE is available in one ounce packets or family size bottles with a great berry flavor that is all natural.

With this year going out, a new year is on the horizon. Why not make this coming ye! ar a better one for yourself and your family to live healthier than you ever thought was possible before?

This is your opportunity to make a decision, a resolution to begin living more alive every moment for the rest of your life.

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