Thursday, January 3, 2008

Immediate Success In Network Marketing

When I was introduced to network marketing I can honestly say that I got in it because I thought that it would be an easy way for me to make a significant income without working too hard. Boy was I wrong. Network marketing definitely can provide a solid foundation for a person who wants to build an empire but the average person must realize this from a practical standpoint. He or she should never allow himself to be influenced by hype even if they are being told they are NOT being given hype. Immediate success in network marketing is basically a fallacy. Especially for the individuals who are coming fresh off of a nine to five. And if you enjoy hearing the truth here is more, immediate success in ANY new undertaking is very rare. Success comes from trial and error. It comes from understanding that getting involved in three or four ground floor businesses and trying to push them all at one time is difficult. Success comes from realizing that you can?t just work your ! business after 5pm on Fridays and all day on Saturdays. It comes from seeing that people are dropping out of your business because they haven?t talked to you in 7 months. But it also comes from seeing that you have to network with different people because the people have in your business now only want to work their business after 5pm on Fridays and all day on Saturdays. Jim Rohn said that you should work from a plan. If you want to be healthy start a health plan. If you want to be happy start a happy plan. If you want to be successful start a success plan. The ones who make it in network marketing or anything have a vision in front of them and they know that if they work methodically they will be sure to reach their destination. They know that it is a process which some might consider boring. The little bit that is done consistently on a daily basis won?t mean a lot at the end of the week. But what will that little mean at the end of five years.
While you are listening! to your champions on audio and reading them online and in boo! ks look for similarities. If a lot of them are saying basically the same things but in different ways then make your philosophy that. Build your plan for you but using your new philosophy. I have some business associates who prefer the traditional way of network marketing. They don?t mind approaching family, friends, and strangers with their business. They WANT to pass out fliers and post banners on local build boards. And I say, ?O.K, whatever, to each his own?. I?ll support them where I can but that?s not my style. I enjoy listening to ?old school? motivational speakers on my ipod and downloading classic works in eBook form. I in turn take these timeless principles and apply them to my business online as well as my life. I?m working my success plan using my own philosophy. I suggest you do the same.

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