Tuesday, January 1, 2008

eBay Shmeebay! Buy An Automated Home Internet Business Instead!

I know, I know. There are eBay sellers making millions! Hey, I don?t doubt it, and I certainly do not want to disparage those of you who per chance are doing well with it.

But is that the norm, or just a chosen few?

Starting and running a home business is difficult enough, let alone having to oversee every aspect of the business yourself, including:

>>Finding a product or products that will sell well for prices that are competitive with other sellers.

>>Handling and taking inventory of products

>>Handling returns

>>Handling damaged merchandise

?not to mention creating and updating your website and handling all of the marketing efforts!

That?s why it?s often best to automate as many functions of your business as you possibly can-- if not buy an existing automated business offering a proven product. Often, these out-of-the-box businesses offer a home business product, after all, that is what you and most other ! would-be business owners are looking for anyway.

Usually, you become an internet business owner at any one of a number of levels, but generally the higher level you choose, the fewer sales you have to refer up to your sponsor. Once "qualified," though, you retain all the first or first and second sales of everyone that becomes a business owner under you. That's where the big bucks are made.

You?re given a website storefront?complete with a flash video presentation, audio testimonials, and all of the other features that only the top tier websites have.

Even marketing your home business can be automated with email lead generation software. These software programs utilize their own servers to blast your ads out across the internet, and then collect interested prospects from various web portals that offer free information that are personalized by you. Then you then send out a sequence of existing or customized autoresponder email messages.

Many o! f these home business models have team leaders standing by to ! call pro spects when they express an interest in the product from your website. Some companies even lure in prospects by letting them attend online conferences free of charge. Prospects are appreciative of receiving something for free before they decide to sign up, so their objections are handled right at the start.

So the next time you consider marketing merchandise on eBay as your home business, think long and hard. Do you really want to go through all the rigors outlined above, with a product you are not absolutely certain will sell?

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St! arting a Home Business


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