Friday, October 5, 2007

Warning! Buying MLM Leads Can Be Hazardous To Your Bank Account!!

The information contained in this article could make or break your chances of success with your current company.

In Network Marketing 1,000's if not hundreds of thousands of good faith reps have been miss-informed and miss-trained on how to build a successful MLM business.

When a person enrolls with a MLM company one of the first things that they are asked to do is to make a list of everyone that they know or knew in the past and come up with a list of 100 to 200 names of people that they can contact about their new business opportunity.

This is usually for the most part is a very over whelming task and most people start getting discouraged and lose faith about this before they even get started.

The other problem is most people who go into a home based business have never had any business experience before nor have they had any training in marketing that will help them to know how to properly approach their friends about a home based busi! ness opportunity.

For those who survive this and stumble through their list, embarrassing themselves in front of their friends and family, what do they do next after they run out of friends and family to call on? Well, they start looking for ways to buy leads, opt-in leads, phone verified leads, area code specific leads, and TV generated leads, and so on.

Sounds great right.....

Well, if you love to:

1- Spend your hard earned money and not reap any positive results

2- Make calls for hours on end instead of spending time doing what you want to do

3- Talk to people who actually filled out the form because it promised a FREE item if they did,

4- Talk to people who want you to do all the work for them if they get in,

5- Spend more money on leads then you'll ever make with your business,

If you don't like these results, keep reading, there is a solution.

I know, you've heard the stories of the someone who bou! ght leads, made a couple of the phone calls and "Bam", he ends! up recr uiting a HEAVY HITTER and makes a million dollars, that doesn't happen very often.

If you don't learn to work this business smart and learn what the Top Producers use, the chances of making it in this industry are about as good as you getting struck by lightning.

You have heard the stories of some guy who gets into the business and WOW in 2 months he made a $100,000. I guarantee you this guy has spent years perfecting his recruiting techniques and spent years building a list of loyal followers that when he found this great new business he was able to immediately contact his established list and because they trusted him and are convinced to move on the opportunity quickly, BOOM he builds a huge group super fast.

I know, you want to believe that will happen to you, but you need to do some planning and work first. If you?re not willing to put in the time, work, planning, and massive action it takes to succeed in this business or any other business, you migh! t as well give up now and get or stay with your current job.

But, if the dream of residual income, complete time freedom, quitting the job you hate, and living the dream you've been hearing about is something you have a burning desire for, the only reason you don't have it now is because there is still something you need to learn.

So, make the decision to educate yourself about this industry.

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