Thursday, November 1, 2007

Take Better Photos of Your Art or Crafts

Take Better Photos of Your Art or Crafts

Taking better photographs can make a huge difference in how you are able to promote and sell your work. It is well worth practicing to improve, and worth getting feedback on your photography from experienced photographers. Fortunately, common mistakes are easy to avoid if you learn how to look for them.

Perhaps the most common mistake photographers make is not filling the frame. Your art or craft should appear large in the photograph, with little wasted space. Usually all you have to do is get closer to take the photo, or to zoom in. Along with this, sometimes people will hold a camera horizontally even when they are photographing something that is more tall than wide. For shooting tall items, turn your camera on it?s side into portrait position, before taking the photo. This will reduce the amount of wasted space.

Some areas may be too dark to show any detail. When this happens you need more lighting. So! metimes this is called a fill light. You can use a large white board out of view to reflect light into the darkened area.

Many three dimensional objects are better shown with the main light coming across the front at an angle, rather than straight on. This is especially true of objects where texture is important, such as knitting.

Setting up a permanent area to photograph your work will make it more convenient to shoot. Choose a wall or table in an area with good lighting conditions, often near a window. You can attach a large sheet of white paper or a bed sheet to the wall above where you will be photographing, and then bring the bottom of the sheet over the front of the table to drape in a curve. This will make a simple background on which to display your work.

Avoid any distracting elements in the background or to the side of your main subject.

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