Sunday, December 23, 2007

6 Avoidable Errors When Promoting Your Affiliate Program

Many of us step into internet marketing affiliate programs with enthusiasm. However, after a few tries or a period of time of trials and errors, many affiliates tend to give up and opt for other ?easier ways of making money online?. Trust me, there is no other ?better way?. You should stick to affiliate marketing instead and take note of the pitfalls to avoid.

In this article, I have listed a list of 6 dos and don?ts when trying to promote your affiliate program.

* Many affiliate marketers make a huge mistake of posting their ads on forums. Forums can be used to promote your affiliate programs and your website but in a proper manner. Posting banners is very similar to spamming and may easily upset forum administrators. Remember, forums are not for the purpose of advertising, but rather, for you to share your expertise with others. The same goes for platforms like Yahoo Answers..

* Always do your research before promoting your affiliate program t! o a potential customer. Do not offer affiliate programs to visitors who are not at all interested in the products associated with the program. This is a futile endeavour. It is advisable that you should be a customer of the product that you are promoting. There is no better testamonial than your very own because you are in a direct relatiionship with the potential customer. He or she can ask you as many questions as possible about the product as compared to the printed testamonials on the sales page.

* If you promote affiliate programs offered by other merchants, ensure that you develop your own advertising copy. Many websites commit a common mistake of using the same advertising copy as used by the merchant themselves. You should create your very own website with the intention of buiilding up your own opt-in list. You got to take a long-term view of your affiliate business.

* Do not submit your programs to free websites. These may be free but your programs w! ould hardly ever be noticed, especially by Search Engines. Mor! eover, y our own ranking would get lowered if you submit your affiliate programs to such websites. For your information, Search Engines give low ratings to free advertising websites.

* Always respond to all queries sent by visitors as soon as possible. A slight delay in your response could easily result in loss of a potential client. You just need to put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer. Do you feel slighted when someone does not respond to your email after a long time. Do you still wish to continue your relationship with the owner of the product? I doubt so.

*The next point is more of a psychological than technical factor. Take note of the fact that in any business venture, including online affiliate programs, there is always this cycle that eventually leads to prosperity. Unfortunately, it is in the shape of the alphabet ?U?. Most of us will start off with a bang, and in the process earn our first dollars. However, studies have shown that this ?high? w! ill gradually spiral down to a dip where things come to a lull. This is the period known as the ?dip? and that?s when most people give up. Without these people?s knowing, what follows after the ?dip? is usually an upward bloom. People who managed to persevere are few and rare unfortunately and they have in turn become the successful ones in our society.

I am sure you will find this list useful in avoiding the red flags that will do a disservice to your affiliate business. For a more in-depth studying of affiliate programs, you can kindly contact me for recommendations of great affiliate marketing coaching programs.

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