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Does Network Marketing have a bright future?

For my first couple of years in Network Marketing I had followed what my upline taught me. I was told that ?If my WHY was strong enough, the how would take care of itself.? I was told that, ?If things weren?t working right, then I just had to work on my ?belief.?

So, I started spending a ton of money on CD?s and books, flying to events and looking for inspiration so that I can really understand my ?Why?.
At the same time I was spending even more money on mastering the How?s that other leaders in the industry were teaching.

So while I was finding my ?Why? I was also working on the how?s I had learned about. (At one point my computer screen had turned into an affirmation Dream Board and my office walls were wallpapered with scripts for different cold calling scenarios.)

I was doing the cold calling of leads, the prospecting at the store or in the mall, talking to the waitress in the restaurants, the neighbors and the gym guys and gals.
So, using the ?How to? techniques and considering what my upline had talked to me about I was making sure that my prospects were finding about what their ?Why? was as well, which would also be the reason why they needed to join my opportunity.

Their why was anything from - they needed to spend more time with their family, they were tired of their mean boss, they deserved more vacation time. No matter what their why was I had started to learn exactly what questions to ask or what to say in any situation and at the right time to introduce my business proposal.

With all of the actions I was taking, the new techniques I was learning I was able to enroll a few people here and there. It was exciting time. However, soon after that I realized that my new downline is not willing to spend so much money and time on training to find and strengthen their ?Why?, or work hard chasing family, friends, co-workers and strangers.

I realized that it wasn?t that easy ! as my upline had told me it was going to be. This was not at a! ll a dup licatable process and if I wanted to succeed I had to start doing what I was doing three times harder and three times more persistent.

Honestly, I couldn?t see myself calling leads for 15 hours a day 7 days a week trying to keep my smile up every time someone hanged up the phone on me.
It wasn?t very inspiring to be dialing hundreds of numbers one after another before I talked to a living person only so that I could one more time deal either with rejection, or be hanged up on. Or a very repetitive scenario was that the person on the other side of the phone just didn?t wanted to hurt my feeling and that?s why lied about being serious about starting their own business but never show up on the follow ups.

Even my big why couldn?t help the resistance of the exhausting and unpleasant cold calling process.

I wasn?t also able to successfully envision myself strolling in the mall all day long every day pretending to shop with the only intention of prospect! ing anybody who walks by.

That?s when I turned to the Internet looking for alternative ways and other solutions to building my Network Marketing business. I was already doing a little online advertising on a few free locations. There I was seeing a lot of hyped sales pages for a ton of programs that were promising income of the thousands in days and selling the message of the all automated systems.

I knew that there wasn?t any completely automated way of building a business. But I knew that there had to be a lot smarter, efficient and effective way of going about building a Network Marketing business than what has been taught for decades.

I was looking for it and when I found it I knew that I would never be able to go back to the old school way of doing things.

So let?s look at what I found.

I learned that there is a way to create a situation for yourself and have people chasing you, instead of the other way around. The important ingr! edient that the old school way lacked was an actual and real b! usiness plan.

I learned that I could be attracting people to me through smart and respectful marketing in a very cost effective and practical way.

With a real business plan now the results were real and tangible.

A business plan that settled things up in a way so that it doesn?t require money to be spent unless money is immediately made back from multiple streams of income as you see ?real? businesses have.

With the New model of building my Network Marketing business I started quickly building my own prospects list without spending hundreds of dollars for leads, and the leads were only mine, no other marketers were working them too.

I started to attract more qualified and a better quality of Business Builders into my Network Marketing Opportunity.

Most importantly, I started making positive cash flow even from the prospects that did not join me, and I have set myself up so that I can make money from them over and over again.

I ap! preciate and truly respect my upline(s). But in all honesty, what they taught did not work for me (and 97% of the rest who are in this business).

The old model of ?buy my products and join my company? is dead.

The new model follows a more practical approach in every way.

I was able to truly and fully learn about the New way from a ebook that I found on the Internet. It was written by Ann Sieg who many people will really relate to and learn a great deal from in these 160 pages of her book.

She offers a 90 day money back guarantee so there?s just no reason not to buy it and read it and learn about the smart way to build a Network Marketing business. If you?re not happy get your money back hassle free. It?s worth the time. Get your copy now at

See you on the bright side of Network Marketing.
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