Monday, November 5, 2007

MLM Training - Don't Play The Guessing Game With MLM Leads

Don't ever start playing the "what if" game with your MLM business. It will drive you crazy.

Years ago we tried to generate our own MLM leads on the internet. We didn't have a clue what we were doing, and a few thousand dollars later, with no results to show for our investment, we decided that it would be best if we didn't market our MLM business on the internet.

What if we had really understood the power of the internet? Oops there we go again, playing the what if game. Such a bad habit!

Of course you can buy MLM leads, they are everywhere, but not all MLM leads are created equal. Have you ever bought leads and discovered that you were the 12th person to call them? You were told they were "fresh" but you would rather devour a week old donut than try to take a bite from these supposedly fresh leads.

The very best way to grow your MLM business, after working your warm market, is to generate your own leads on the internet. We had already ac! hieved a six figure income when we tried to generate leads on the internet the first time.

We were way too cocky and instead of finding somebody that knew what to do, we were so smart that we did it our way. Just in case you don't already know, more often than not when you start to believe you have all the answers, you're going to fall flat on your face.

Been there, done that, lost thousands of dollars doing it my way!

So how should you generate leads on the internet for your MLM business?

Find somebody who knows what they're doing and follow them. Why is it that we struggle with that concept so very much? Well I own my own business I can do whatever I want to. Yes you can, and you'll very often go broke doing it.

This time we went about generating leads on the internet a little more intelligently. We chose to listen first and act second.

So how should you go about generating your own MLM leads?

Start with article marketing. ! It's mind boggling how simple, easy and effective article mark! eting ca n be.

Like everything else it really pays off if you know exactly what you're doing so we suggest you do a little research before you get started.

We're not advocating that you research article marketing for a few months, just that you should know a little something about effective article marketing.

Write a blog. Search engines love blogs, we actually have several, each designed with a different purpose in mind.

Throw in a little dose of forum marketing and social marketing and you are on your way to generating free MLM leads on the internet.

We were told that it would take a long time to see results but it didn't. We started generating our own leads within days and now we can produce leads at will. If that's not enough we do it for FREE.

You can even generate leads and get a #1 ranking in the search engines at the same time. We went to #1 in 40 days with more than 5 million competitors and it was easier than you'd think.

Bef! ore you jump into internet marketing for your MLM business find somebody who can mentor you to success. It will save you a lot of time and quite possibly a lot of money.

Free MLM Leads, you've got to love that!

Scott Miller can teach you how to generate your own MLM leads and he'll give you FREE MLM training, including FREE MLM training CD's and a FREE MLM training webinar. Visit Scott at
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