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Make Money From Telling Lies on The Internet! Part I

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OK, so here we go:

I have recently embarked on what I thought would be a weird and wonderful money making adventure online - I'm the guy that believed the hype, who believed I could do a few easy to 'Internet' type things that "anybody can do!" (yeah right) and sit back and watch the dough role in as I perfected my Rome Total War skills.....anyway.

I began in earnest in July 2007, I was watching daytime TV (possibly Trisha, possibly Jeremy Kyle), I forget, some welfare, skuzz ball stay at home and do bugger all infotainment show; when I was awoken from my stupor by a friendly lady, a friendly lady who was talking about ways losers like me and most likely everyone else watching the show could make money! huh Money! and what's more these were things that could be done in my spare time i.e. my very precious and hard earned non game playing time. Excellent, I remember rubbing my hands whilst I got my pen a! nd got ready to right.

Write then, here are the things I learned and what I did:

The figures and activity levels below are real, an honest assessment as to whether you will be more or less arsed then I, should give you a good indication if any of what follows.... is worth your while.

Online Surveys The knowledge I was given was concerning the existence of, and money making opportunities with, online surveys. You may or may not know that people get paid for their opinions? I didn't know this but thought it was worth a try. I then proceeded to search the net for companies that offered these services. I found, bookmarked and signed up for about 40. As I am in the UK most of these were UK based, there may be more on your planet.

Note: I wasted more then half of my full 2 days research (at this point I was uncharacteristically motivated - could smell the cheese baby!) finding and signing up for survey sites that either (1) Never replied (2) Had broken! sites or even more infuriating, broken forms - after filling ! them out - grrr (3) Were cons (4) Were scammy sites designed to collect e-mail addresses and or personal information either to e-mail you crap or steal your identity, which leads me to:

Top Tip 1: Sign up for and use a throwaway e-mail address: Yahoo, Hotmail, Google and AOL all allow you to sign up for an e-mail account very easily. Don't use your main e-mail address until you are comfortable that the sites are legit.

Top Tip 2: Do your homework: It may seam obvious but it can't do any harm to spend 10 minutes or so Googling each company, looking at forums and quality A+ blogs such as this, as a rule if people have had a bad time with a company then its a fair bet, so will you. Ask yourself when looking at survey sites '"Would Tesco, Barclays or Marks & Spencers ask this company for market research services?" If the answer is no ..... don't bother.

Top Tip 3: Never, never, never, never pay anyone for information about surveys. I may be wrong but I believe that ! any company who tries to take a 'membership fee' or 'setup charge' are crooks. Legitimate companies are crying out for real people with real opinions. If you feel you absolutely must pay someone for this info please send your old pal Donk Diggler a donation using This Link £2.85 buys me a pint in my local - cheers!

I then waited a day or so to see what happened, some looked promising (money, money, moneeee!) some were obviously spam or cons (boo), I congratulated myself on my vigilance and planned my Nescafe - Nescafe 'Gold Blend' upgrade, haha.

The sites that I'm left with that and am fully signed up for, a summary of what you can expect and an honest evaluation of what I have earned from each can be found at:

Anyway my virtual brothers and Sisters, that's the end of part one; "where's the lies?" "We're only here for the lies?" I hear you cry. Don't worry part two is Bullshit City.
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