Friday, November 9, 2007

Enivaâs Vibe is the Healthy Way to Success

The problem with many Multi-Level Marketing programs today is that the product is wrong. And with the wrong product to start with, the chances for success are extremely low. That?s why Eniva?s Vibe not only offers a fresh product in this ever-competitive market; it also offers a fresh approach to success.
Taking its cue from the burgeoning nutrition and health food industry, Eniva?s Vibe offers users alternatives to pills and tablets. This is done via its mix of nutritional products in liquid form that the whole family can not only enjoy; they can get their daily fix of healthy nutrients and vitamins at the same time.
The Eniva Vibe Difference
From its earliest inceptions almost 10 years ago, Eniva the company saw a niche in the home business market that many other MLM?s had failed to even acknowledge. This niche was combining people?s healthier attitudes in their lifestyle with the desire to make a better living financially.
It backs this up by having i! ts own dedicated in-house research teams, which allows Eniva to come up with products like the hugely successful Eniva Vibe. This liquid nutrition has seen success on all sides ? its unique all-in-one delivery system allows users the benefits of a health product in one ounce, and its very simplicity has seen home business entrepreneurs jump on the Eniva bandwagon.
Eniva keeps its idea simple ? the human body is made up primarily of water, therefore the liquid solution it provides works in tandem with the human body. And it?s this simplicity that has seen adopters of the business plan be rewarded with significant success.
The Eniva Vibe Business Plan
It?s already a success when it comes to being a nutritional product, yet for anyone who is looking to run a profitable home business, there?s plenty to like here as well. Coupled with the in-house research team as well as almost 10 years experience in the nutritional industry, anyone joining Eniva as a business member h! as an opportunity to make quite a substantial amount of income! .
Jus t like any MLM company, the way that Eniva works is through a people helping people system where your success is determined both by how much work you put into building your membership base, and your sales of the Eniva product. However, with the support system you?re offered, these two skills can be easily learned.
Starting off as a Preferred Customer, you can simply stay that way and just sell the Eniva product to friends and family for a percentage of the sales. It does require a minimum monthly purchase, but this can be the drink you?re already using personally. If you buy or sell extra, then you stand to gain extra rewards.

However, true success comes when you invite and recruit other people to be part of your team. This leads to you benefiting from even more compensation, since any sales that someone you recruit make is counted towards your total. Depending how successful you are here, the rewards can be significant, including diamond rings, car allowances and ! thousands upon thousands of dollars in revenue.
So, whether it?s simply to enjoy good health and make a little money along the way, or to run a profitable home business where everybody wins, Eniva and its Vibe nutritional drink offers something for everyone.

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