Sunday, November 4, 2007

Emerging Network Marketing Systems that Eliminate Prospecting

There is a very loud buzz that is developing about emerging Network Marketing Systems that have eliminated prospecting. Changes in technology have created new ways of building a network marketing business, which may be leaving older methods in the dust. Learn how you can make money learning the advantages of these new emerging systems.

3 Reasons Emerging Network Marketing Systems Are Eliminating Prospecting

1) Emerging Network Marketing Systems Focus on Marketing NOT Prospecting.
Prospecting is talking to people and TRYING to generate interest. It?s uncomfortable, and most people don?t want to do it. Prospecting is really the MOST aggressive form of sales that I know. You are basically trying to create interest where it doesn?t exist.

Marketing is the art of attracting hungry, qualified, interested people TO YOU. Good marketing is getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. Emerging Network Marketing Systems focus on he! lping you market a real business to people who are really interested.

2) Emerging Network Marketing Systems Focus on Conversion NOT Conversation.
There are so many things that affect your conversations, that it?s impossible to re-create any one of them. Most successful network marketers can?t really tell you what to say to people to get them interested, and they usually have years of perfecting their conversational skills. This is not easily duplicated. It takes people years to learn these conversational skills.

Emerging network marketing systems have one distinct advantage over conversations. Your system can systematically recreate your absolutely best information over and over again. These systems are tested, and improved till each part scientifically converts a specific percentage every time. What would happen if you knew that every time you had Conversation ?X? with someone that 51% of the time that person would sign up on the spot? That?s what these em! erging systems do, they convert people from visiting to taking! the nex t step, and they do it very consistently.

3) Emerging Network Marketing Systems Focus on Training NOT Personal Development.
I strongly believe in improving myself. However, having belief in yourself is NOT the only thing you need to move a business forward. You need some skills. Emerging Network Marketing Systems are including training on many important skills that actually help people market a real business. Look at the Marines, they don?t just tell their privates that they have what it takes to be successful, then spend endless hours developing the belief and skills of their Marines to make them the absolutely best. It takes both belief and skills to be successful. Emerging network marketing systems are eliminating the need for prospecting by actually training their marketers with the skills they need.
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