Monday, December 24, 2007

3 Methods To Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it does not require you to have your own website, handling customers, product development and after sales service. In fact this is one of the easiest ways of making a fortune online.

Let?s say you are already joined an affiliate program, what would be your immediate and ultimate goals? Earn as much as you can, and live the life you want, right? But have you thought of how are you going to achieve that?

Listed here are some powerful tips on how to maximize your affiliate commissions.

1. Obtain and keep the email addresses of your subscribers. It could be those who subscribe to your newsletter or those who download your free ebooks. Everybody knows very well that most people don?t buy in their first encounter of your product. You will need to constantly follow-up with them until they make a purchase.

The easiest way to follow-up with your contact is through emails and that is why you need to devel! op your very own contact list. The more you have the better.

Keep in mind that you get paid only when you make a sale. Remember to get the contact of your prospects before sending them to your vendor?s website as failing to do so will lead you to loosing them forever.

Having their contact information also enables you to contact them whenever you want in the future when there is a new product, and not just earning a one-time commission. Remember: your list of contacts is your most valuable asset.

Newsletter is crucial in branding yourself as an expert and a helpful, resourceful marketer. It allows you to develop trust and capability between you and most importantly, your subscribers.

However, before you publish your newsletters, you may want to put yourself in their own shoes. What will your prospects be looking into? What information will they want? What kind of support are they expecting? When you publish your newsletters based on these, you ! will be far ahead of your competition in providing your prospe! cts with their desired solutions and products.

2. Choose the right program and products to promote. You would want to promote a program that will earn you most profits in the shortest possible time. It will even be better if the program that you choose is in the field of your interest.

There are several criteria to consider in choosing the right program. Look into their commission structure. Are you satisfied with their commission schemes? Choose those programs that you are comfortable with and fit with your desired target audience. Other than that, you may want to look into the initial investment to enroll yourself in the program. To avoid costly obstacles, choose the program that best suits your budget.

Evaluate their mode of payment and payment terms, choose the one that suits you. Take note that in a single program there could be several payment methods that suit to different needs and geographical locations.

3. Provide free information. One of the ! major reasons why people go online is to search for information. Write free reports or short ebooks for your prospects to download. Add some recommendations about the products if possible.

With ebooks, you get credibility as a professional, expert and being a helpful person. Customers will see that in you and they will be more eager to try out what you have to offer.

Don?t be amazed that you could be competing with thousands of affiliate marketers out there promoting the same product or program. Try to practice what I?ve outlined above and see the difference for yourself.


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