Thursday, December 27, 2007

No More Manic Mondays - Home-Based Businesses Show You How!

Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich" wonders why parents often tell their children to study well so that they can go and get a good job. Instead, why don?t people tell children to study well that someday they can own a business? Now with a plethora of opportunities available to work from home, a home based business is able to provide time, money and freedom to an individual and that too with minimal investment.

Edward Zander of Motorola, John Wilder of TXU, Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, the co-founders of Amway, an abbreviation for "American Way" and others who have made it big in the Amway business are those who have charted their own plans to success. There are also people from various countries and nationwide who have started their home-based businesses and specialized in freelance writing.

With the advent of the Internet, everyone is an equal in the market. Everyone has the same chances of making it big en rou! te to prosperity and riches. As a home based entrepreneur, you can explore hundreds of money making opportunities like freelance writing, freelance service provider, customer service representative, web-designer, information marketer, be a Law of Attraction coach, host parties, conduct dancing classes, and teach performing arts. There is no limit to what you can do in a home based business. Let us now take one of these jobs, freelance writing and see how we can turn it into profitable, lucrative money making venture:

1. I love writing but do not know what to write
2. I do not know how to market my services.
3. I will not be really able to earn as much as I?d if I worked for a prominent company
4. What if I do not get projects? I cannot live in fear of unpredictability. I have debts to pay.

1. Even though you may not know what to write, your love for the craft will give you ideas. Simply put pen on paper, or open a word docu! ment on your computer and start writing ideas in rough. Get op! inions a nd views from friends and people who have knowledge about the topic. Research has become 10 times easier these days due to the widespread reach and accessibility of the Internet. A tip to write better is to write the reason or cause for a particular thing or event, its key points (advantages and disadvantages) and a summary. However, writing is not restricted to any methodical approach; it is a flair that is mastered by continuous practice and reading.

2. People will notice if you write well. If you are bidding for a project, do attach samples of your earlier work. Write blogs. In fact, blog writing is one of the best sources for earning a high level of income. You can market your blogs in social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. The more you write on a niche subject, the better. You can also write and post content to a lot of online article directories and famous ezine publications.

3. It is agreed that you may not know the exact figure on your pa! ycheck, but then there are fair chances of you earning a lot of money, something that can easily surpass your average monthly income. If you have 4 or 5 clients who regularly give you work, you can imagine the money you can make on a monthly basis.

4. If you still fear that you will not have a continuous influx of money, keep your day job but still dabble with freelance writing. Sooner or later, you will realize the potential of your home-based business giving you better in terms of money and freedom.

1. Practice blog writing or write content for your own website. Apply for Google's advertising program "AdSense" You will be given a code which you can put in your blog or website. Whenever the content that is written is contextually relevant, applicable ads will appear on your website. The moment a user clicks on the ad or signs for a program, you make money. You can also use your blog as a reference to solicit projects from various clients. You ca! n also do affiliate marketing with your blogs or website.
2. St art writing and submit your pieces of work to ezines and article directories. Start bidding for projects online on sites like Elance which is an online workplace where businesses find and hire people "on demand" to get work done quickly and cost effectively. If you have past work behind you, you will surely get projects.

3. Many people are apprehensive about how to place a bid for a project. If the content that you will be working on is challenging work you can bid a higher price. An e-book, writing for a television program or an online magazine usually carries a high bid. If you are assured and self-confident that you can give high quality work, you can place a high bid amount. Research the industry average for a certain service before quoting a price. Calculate the time that you can spend, the average time to write an article prior to quoting a price.

Will it take work? Yes. Is there a small learning curve? Yes. But can you do it? YES!

Mal Mortoo is a! Home Business Development Expert strongly involved with his Personal Growth & Development and has a strong desire to share what he learns with others. To discover your legitimate business go to Real Wealth. If you wish to know more go to Extra Wealth. Here you can find info on Financial Planning &more Financial Plan.
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