Saturday, December 1, 2007

Road Map To Riches - When Frank Thomas Speaks They Listen!

?I get phone calls every day from good ordinary folks who were simply
Asking for a break free from the daily grind but instead became victims
Of abuse by the person that signed them in? Frank was quoted to say
In a recent webinar.

The sad reality is that a lot of people who are putting all of their hopes
In so-called ?gurus? are getting their fair share of disappointments.
And these are good people willing to invest their hard earned wages
Into what they were promised would change their lives for the better
And give them the freedom they have been longing for. The freedom
To work close to their loved ones and finally attain financial independence
And break free from the old daily grind.

But to often they fall prey to people without a conscience, people
Who are all to themselves and don?t really understand the concept of sharing
Knowledge and riches.

The majority of good working folks from all steps of society an! d all ages
Are investing weekly paychecks into various opportunities to see their hopes
And dreams shattered in an instant by false teachers and mentors who
Have no clue how to get them launched in business.

?Let?s take Mechelle?s example for instance?. A young woman with
An obvious genuine desire to succeed who had felt abandoned
By her previous Mentor and didn?t think she could ever succeed in
The program she was in, said Frank, ?A gal that came to my good friend
Michelangelo Lopez online class, seeking help and advice?.
Her case was later picked up by Frank who vowed to get her
Ad campaign off the ground at no cost to her. ?These folks were taught
All wrong?.

Frank has launched a campaign to expose some of these marketers
And ?flush them out of the circuit? not by engaging in any mudslinging
Battle but rather by bringing into the forefront their victims along with their

If you or someone you k! now has felt victim to guru abuse don?t hesitate
To contac! t Frank or Michelangelo on their respective websites.
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