Sunday, December 2, 2007

Is EDC On Top Of Home Based Business?

The Leading Home Based Business Company, EDC, has announced a Pre-Launch of EDC Diamond. Diamond will be yet another program and level for generating income online by marketing software. EDC Diamond will join the EDC family of Easy Daily Cash and EDC Gold. The pre-launch of EDC Diamond is the fourth major product offering since the company?s conception, almost 2 years previous.

Easy Daily Cash, the original program, offered for $397, was quickly surpassed by EDC Gold with a $997 price tag for a complete home based business. In year two, the company released PromoBlack Box, a one-of-a-kind combination of training, services and tools that facilitate a comprehensive online marketing strategy for small to medium businesses. With the release of EDC Diamond, in November 2007, EDC has created an entirely new home based business model.

EDC Diamond is the first Direct Sales Opportunity that also generates indefinite residual income for participants. The founde! rs, Mulit-Millionaires Michael Corcoran and Craig Garcia, said they had improved the company?s revolutionary 100% commission pay-out plan with this residual income component to encourage team work within this virtual network of distributors.

The pre-launch phase of EDC Diamond allows distributors to buy into their own business for $2,497. The Pre-Launch phase does offer potential distributors a $1,500 discount on the Diamond program but, based on previous product launches, those spaces will be filled very quickly.

Easy Daily Cash is considered the leader in the industry because of a rare combination of available, proactive, professional, experience and creative management; easily accessible technical support and extensive training. Those three features combine to help distributors become profitable in a very short amount of time and then grow their businesses to a level that often replaces a primary breadwinner?s income.

In many cases, success with Eas! y Daily Cash allows families to enjoy a completely different l! ifestyle because of being able to have flexible hours, work from home, stop the commuting, and get out of Corporate America while actually making more money than before. Craig Garcia says ?We have to be committed to helping our distributors succeed. If they don?t succeed, the company does not have revenue and there goes the business model.?

To get more information about the Powerful New EDC Diamond program check it out at?

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